Robert Martin The Role Of Women Analysis

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American society, Martin says is organized around distinctions of home and the outside workaday world. Cultural conceptions that place menopause, pregnancy and mensuration in the realm of family and home, however, women see them as inextricable from work and school. How to find private space and time to change tampons in high school (sometimes middle school) and at work.? How to conceal hot flashes and exhaustion from business associates? Women are asked to do the impossible-to-control hides their body functions in institutions that do not honor their needs.
Martin writes although interviewees recognize the incompatibility between the world outside, home, and their bodily processes no woman discussed the inconvenience or embarrassment or asked why the world outside does not validate the functions of
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We as women don’t all face racism. However, we as women have more in common than we realize. All women’s lives intersect through the scientific, medical and culturally male imposed structural violence of sexism and gender biases. As mentioned in the article Reproductive Justice Theory and Black Feminism: A Manifesto for Activism author Loretta J. Ross notes that not keeping to our organic self…... When we try to deny our organic knowledge as women and become what others expect us to be, Ross says, we divide ourselves and then self-police the divisions in case we transgress.
When women conform, we lose sight of who we are. Not keeping to our organic self… what separates women, as we let others mostly men define who we are and who we should
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