Robert Motherwell : Art History

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Andre Darville Professor Ming Art History 11 April 2016 Robert Motherwell Robert Motherwell was born in Washington in 1915, sought to be a conservative bank chairman as his father, Motherwell had other plans. Motherwell growing up showed more interest in intellectual and creative pursuits. Following the passion landed him with a scholarship to Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles, Ca. Infatuated with learning, he studied multiple different variations of education, such as philosophy, literature and art history. Thus leading him to Stanford and earning his BA in philosophy. Motherwell became friends with another philosopher named Alfred North Whitehead, this influenced his creative mind to pursue the possibilities of abstraction writing and abstract art. Motherwell was without a doubt one of the most eloquent and intellectually accomplished painters. His legacy lives on through his amazing artworks, his influential writings and his teachings. Motherwells knowledge, creativity and passion for art, separates him from the rest of the artists in the abstract expressionism era. Motherwell was a strong minded artist that didn’t let anyone bring him down or stop his will to be great. When critics would try to analyzes his work, he would question the credibility of the critic himself. Motherwell felt that all modern artists rejected the standards of normal society itself and this unified the artists society forming a type of spiritual underground. Robert Motherwell particularly says

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