Robert P. George Bases

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Robert P. George bases his beliefs on that human beings are created within stages and that an embryo is the earliest stage a genetic human can reside in. He claims that since an embryo contains the same genetic constitution and characteristics of a human being, therefore an embryo is human and would not be lawful to eliminate or kill. Though an embryo is on an immature phase of development, it does not mean that there is no genetic relation to humans; “From conception onward, the human embryo is fully programmed, and has the active disposition, to develop himself or herself to the next mature stage of a human being” (Acorns). George believes that since the child is acting on its own interest to survive and maintain itself, then it is a complete or whole organism and should not be killed. According to George, couple A, B and C’s actions were acceptable because they did not prevent the life of an embryo and did not terminate anything that resembled unique and fortified human DNA. With couple A, the choice of abstinence does not create a chance for an embryo to be aborted. Couple B uses contraception to prevent fertilization which again does not create a chance for the embryo to be aborted. Now couple C had sexual intercourse but since the women used the ‘morning after pill’, there was no fertilization and an embryo was not implanted in her uterus. These actions according to George are acceptable because no embryos were disrupted or harmed, only prevented from creating.…
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