Robert Trotman's Life Story

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There he was, standing in the middle of a blazing fire. This was no ordinary fire, it was a deadly. The alarms sounded loudly, puffing the man continued running. His head started to pound, beads of sweat ran down his cheek. He dared not stop for he probably only had a five minute start ahead of the guards who chased him and the other escapers. Will he be the first man to escape, will he even escape… 11 months before. Robert Trotman: 5’ 7”, born on May 24, 1976, 39 years old. All written on his time recorder card, which tracks if you come to work on time, he slowly put it into the machine. He was an accountant’s assistant and surprisingly gets a pretty good pay. Everything in his life was in the middle; he had a nice wife, nice children,…show more content…
“I’ve gone crazy behind these bars!” Robert growled to his very creepy friend in the cell with him. His name is Gus. "From what I know, we should be able to kick these doors down at ease” Robert squeaked with excitement. “Fire, we need fire!” Robert said as Gus handed him a box of matches. Robert made a face that showed confusion, “Everyone was able to sneak at least one box of matches in”. He then continued, he lit the bar door on fire he then kicked it open with his leg and begin to run. “Why are you running? Please walk to cell 68C, it will take a few minutes to get rid of this fire.” The guard said. Out of nowhere all the criminals lit their doors on fire, kicked it down and made a run for it. The run was very long from the cells to the exits, Robert lost his breath midway. He couldn’t breathe, his calves burned, his heels killing him, negative thoughts filled his head Will I make it? Should I just stop? Is anyone dead now? Some of the guards were chasing the criminals, some were getting help. He made it to the exit, safe. He couldn’t believe it He stopped, looked over his shoulder and stood there while all the criminals were escaping. In front of him there were firefighters, one firefighter dropped her equipment on the floor and ran. He took the firefighter gear and grabbed a hose from the other firefighter. Merely minutes later the fire was gone with the guilt, luckily only 3 injuries. He saw the guards, turned his back towards the guard and put his
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