Roberto Monologue

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said "we better start walking down the road to find a place to stay". As that night was coming to a end we could finally see city lights in the distance, I was tired and thirsty so I could not wait till we got to a store. Once we walked into the city I could not wait till we could get something to drink and to eat, as we walked into a gas station I went to the back to get two bottles of water and Roberto went to get something to eat. When we finished picking out every thing we put everything on the counter to check out, after the man finished scanning our things the total was fifteen ninety five we did not have enough. Roberto handed him over the ten dollars but the man said "sorry not enough" we where embraced because people where laughing…show more content…
Me and Roberto look at each other and said "yes, do you have any ideas where I can find one", the man said yes and that he owns one outside of town just a few miles away I can give you a ride if you would like to see it. Right after Jessie stoped talking Roberto quickly answered " ya sure when would you take us out their"? Jessie answered how does tomorrow sound to you guys? Roberto said yes and that he would be here at this store and ready by six o'clock. The man said "sounds good, ill be here tomorrow at six so be ready". Once the man left me and Roberto where very excited and couldn't wait till tomorrow. As night fell we had to find somewhere to sleep for the night because the people who owned the store would not let us stay so we decided to sleep on a bench across the street that was pretty broken but Roberto and I would make it work. As morning came I remember Roberto waking me up and saying that the man would be here any minute. As the
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