Robin Hood. 1.Introduction. 2.Organizational Structure.

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Robin Hood 1. Introduction 2. Organizational structure I. Resources II. Roles 3. SWOT analysis I. Strength II. Weakness III. Opportunities IV. threats 4. the dilemma 5. Choices and alternatives available 6. Choices and risk management analysis 7. Recommendations and change management plan 8. New organizational structure 9. Summary 10. References 1.Introduction Robin Hood’s revolution against the sheriff began. It was a personal one. It continued for several years. In the first year of the beginning of the revolution, he built a large body of men with complaints; he made a disciplined fighting force; housed in Sherwood Forest. Robin making all important decisions, he empowers special functions to his lieutenants and who he confident on…show more content…
Human resources are so bad. Robin Hood imagined that it is a strength for the company but it causes problems in discipline. It is too hard to maintain discipline in the group. Also the growth of the band is exceeding the food provided by the forest .there is a problem in feeding forces. Millers son asked scarlot all-time about money to buy food from villages and markets. There is miscommunication between team members and disagreement between robin and merry men. So the dilemma occurred when the number of forces become huge and robin hood have problems in communicating and giving orders to the forces. B. External problems Band is running out of money. The cost of buying foods drain the organization finance. Sheriff is getting stronger, more disciplined, more organized and greater in number. The sheriff increase his security by his own ways. He receives money from his own lieutenants from other parts of the village .The travelers, merchants and rich are avoiding forest which had make problems in revenues. Decayed revenues weren’t able to achieve the need of organization. Issues between sheriff and robin. There is also changes in the external environments which make the force’s business style outdated. SWOT SWOT Analysis Strength The enormous number of persons on the team has given robin the power to battle the sheriff’s administration. The team has also good leadership and management team including scarlet responsible of operational management. John

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