Robin Hood Case Study

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What problems does Robin Hood have? What issues need to be addressed? Robin Hood is facing numerous problems and issues, but I think the most pressing problem is the fact that the band of Merrymen has far outgrown the available resources in Sherwood Forest. Robin Hood’s faith in succeeding by strength in numbers is quickly becoming a contributor to their downfall. Income is low at this point as well, so purchasing supplies, whether near or far, will soon become impossible. If the men aren’t fed, the men can’t function. Not only is the lack of available resources a problem, but the group itself is unorganized and is lacking sufficient leadership. The issue of the group’s decline in vigilance and discipline could lead to dire consequences,…show more content…
• The Merrymen are well-known even in far-reaching areas of England.
• The men have a strong willingness to serve.
• Vigilance is quickly declining.
• Their resources are declining as well with no plan to replace or renew them.
• There is no real organization or leadership within the band of men.
• Revenues are declining and there is no plan in place for alternative sources of income.
• There is a lack of utilization of the men’s skills other than archery.
• There is also a significant lack of skill development in other areas.
• The newer recruits to the campaign are strangers and could potentially be the Sheriff’s spies.
• Prince John and the Sheriff are not well liked by the people. Their removal is less likely to be contested by many.
• The barons are beginning to dispute Prince John’s claim to the throne.
• Some barons are already conspiring to return King Richard from imprisonment in Austria. If successfully executed, the Sheriff would no longer have support from Prince John as he would no longer be in power.
Robin Hood’s recruits from more remote areas of England may have contacts and resources previously unavailable to the band.
• The Sheriff is becoming more organized and amassing more money.
• Wealthy travelers are avoiding the forest due to the high cost of their goods being confiscated.
• Robin’s competitor (the Sheriff) has strong political connections.
What concepts of
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