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Running Head: ROBIN HOOD CASE STUDY University of Maryland University College Analysis of the Robin Hood Case Study Introduction This paper will identify Robin Hood’s organizational strategy by using the Balanced Scoreboard approach, based on the framework of performance measurement. According to Thompson (2005), “the scoreboard approach to objective settings advocates using a company strategic vision and strategy as the basis for determining what specifics strategic and financial outcomes are appropriate measures of the progress a company is making” (p. 30). This approach will examine the following four objectives: (a) internal business process, (b) the customer, (c) financial, and (d) innovation. An analysis of Robin Hood…show more content…
They were very proud of their motto by “Rob the rich and give to the poor”. If the Merrymen’s Lieutenants were more committed leaders, they would understand in the long-term that implementing strategies can reposition the organization to become more strategic focus. Customer To achieve our vision, how should Robin appear to the customers? Robin must develop a discipline process for assessing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Smith reported “in an era of rapid change and intense competition, the companies that establishes and maintains the clearest and most consistent loyalty of their customer requirement on an ongoing basis, are going to become and remain market leaders” (2002, p. 124). Although Robin’s mission was to take revenge on the Sheriff, he later realized that this fight was for the people that joined his organization. Robin started to provide customer service to the people by looking after their welfare and fighting the injustice that had been imposed by the Sheriff of Nottingham. The valuable benefits of employee loyalty can only be achieved through high levels of effective communication. To better address the people, Robin’s must effectively communicate a new strategic vision. Thompson reported “an effectively communicated vision is management’s most valuable tool for enlisting the committed of the company personnel actions that will make the vision a reality” (2005, p. 24). Robin’s new mission is as
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