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Case Study of Robin Hood
In the case story, Robin Hood and his Merrymen met several problems. In order to overcome their powerful enemies, Robin Hood should set up strong goals for his band which was also needed be reorganized. Therefore, this paper will analyze how and why Robin Hood would be most effective by using the path-goal leadership theory. First, this paper will provide an objective analysis about Robin’s current situation and options. Second, using the path-goal leadership theory as the theoretical foundation, this paper will analyze the feasibility of one of the choices and provide some advices. The third part will make a summary for the whole paper.
Case study According to this case, there are mainly
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In other words, the “path” set by leader should be better suit to both the subordinate’s need and the working situation (pg.138). Therefore, this theory examined leader’s behaviors as directive, supportive, participative, and achievement-oriented leadership behaviors (pg.139). For Robin Hood, this paper supports that he should use the directive, supportive and achievement-oriented leadership behaviors. First, for Robin Hood, his tasks were reorganizing Merrymen, overcoming shortage of food and money, and then releasing King Richard. If Robin wants to increase competitiveness and succeed in saving the King, he has to reform his band first. This task asks Robin Hood providing supports and motivation to subordinates for overcoming some obstacles. The Merrymen was a band with weak formal authority system, so Robin needed use his right leadership as a tool to make rules and clarify requirements. Second, Robin Hood’s subordinates were brave and autonomous, but lacking of discipline and needing affiliation. The Merrmen’s culture was that they were the men with grievances and a deep sense of justice and they rob rich and give to the poor. Based on the analysis about Robin’s subordinate and task characteristics above, in the following part, this paper will points out details about how Robin Hood and the Merrymen would become more effective by the path-goal leadership theory. First, set up strong goal and focus on it.

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