Robinhood : A Heroic Hero In The Real Robin Hood

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Robin Hood has been a fascinating character for the young and old for centuries. The concept of a crook that would steal from the rich and give to the poor was someone who everyone has depicted in their minds. Although this is what most people believe is true, people wonder where does this heroic rebel really reside in history. The author of “The Real Robin Hood”, Sean McGlynn, reconsiders the origins of the popular myth and suggests a new contender for the original folk hero; not an outlaw from Nottingham but a devoted royal servant from Kent, who opposed the French invasion against King John 1216. McGlynn brings up the topic of when and where Robin Hood could have originated. Many historians question whether he actually existed or not, but if he did it would be within Barnsdale in South Yorkshire. They achieve this conclusion because of the mentioning of Robin Hood in medieval references that would state, “Robin Hood in Barnsdale stood.” Some historians would be against this idea and later believe that Barnsdale could be confused with Bryunsdale, which is near Nottingham and would follow the original tales. Not only is there debate with the topic of where but when as well. There are historians who believe it was the 13th century and some argue it was the 14th century. Films would portray Robin Hood running amuck during the reign of Richard the first. There is more evidence that would suggest that the stories of Robin Hood were established by mid-13th century. This would

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