Robinson Crusoe : King Of His World

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Robinson Crusoe: King of His World Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe explores the concept of overcoming adversity to eventually gain a higher role of power. Robinson Crusoe was to lead a mundane life pursuing a career in law, had he followed his parents’ wishes and not been adamant on living a life at sea. However, going against his parents’ wants, he fashioned a life for his own at sea. Crusoe spends the majority of the novel building a life for himself that he would have not been able to have had he stayed in York. He became a plantation owner in Brasil, which is what lead to the shipwreck that caused him to become a castaway. While on the island he was shipwrecked on, he began to view himself as a Lord, or King, of the island. (EXPAND) Crusoe first begins to envision himself as a Lord after living on the Island for ten years. Crusoe gives a comical image to describe his situation, “It would have made a Stoick smile to have seen, me and my little Family sit down to Dinner; there was my Majesty the Prince and Lord of the whole Island; I had the Lives of all my Subjects at my absolute Command” (125), as his “subjects” were in fact animals that were with him on the island. While trying to make light of his situation by saying this, he does believe that his Island is his dominion. This moment in the novel shows the beginnings of Crusoe’s belief that he can be a monarch on his Island. He speaks of his animals as servants: “… Poll, as if he had been my Favourite, was the only…
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