Robinson Crusoe : The Classical Age Or The Augustan Age

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Kaelin Brand HUMN 3350 2/21/17 Robinson Crusoe The Eighteenth Century in England is known as the Classical Age or the Augustan Age. The novel Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe illustrates the attitudes of the of the eighteenth century British citizen through the dynamics of capitalism. Robinson Crusoe represents a social and economic ideal, as he is able to venture into the world by being rebellious against his family, profitable, and spiritual. As economic English man, Crusoe has been specifically exposed with capitalism. Capitalism is a “an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods” (MerriamWebster). First, Crusoe not only takes every chance to get more money, but he becomes a victim to the…show more content…
Here again, economics and class is a great importance and it is achieving all greatness at all costs with rising to the top. Unfortunately, in Crusoe`s next voyage he gets stuck on an unknown Island, where there is no sign of any human life. Being by himself on the island, Crusoe begins to do some farming and all labors of day-to-day life for survival. Crusoe further establishes his economic drive when he is isolated on the island. Also, Crusoe gives himself a respected and high position in his kingdom. In order to keep increasing capitalism he obtains cheap resources of raw materials. Then, in order to survive, he wanders through old wreckages of ships, in search for any helpful items that could improve his chance of survival. Even though Crusoe is alone on this island, he does not forget about money, economics, and Crusoe cannot wait get his hands on more of it. On a day out to hunt, Crusoe finds an “infinite number of Fowls, of many Kind”(Defoe,102). Here he demonstrates a great determination for ability and understanding of materials. While the majority of men would be happy with one killing, Crusoe understands that he only has a little supply and he needs more. This is a sense of reasonableness that he obtained from growing up in the middle class environment and learning how to handle resources. Furthermore, Crusoe demonstrates to be extremely

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