Robinson Crusoe and Isolation Essay

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Robinson Crusoe

When Robinson Crusoe gets shipwrecked and stranded on a desolate island “I am cast upon a horrible desolate island void of all hope of recovery” p.91, in the Caribbean he first considers it a place of captivity holding him back from his dreams and wishes like a prison, but when he is finally able to leave it some twenty-eight years later to return home to England he yearns to return back to the island. Why? You may ask yourself, read on and I will answer that question. Crusoe grows to enjoy being the ruler of his own world, he also becomes antisocial, and starts to enjoy being alone. When he returns home to England he finds no one waiting for him, and he feels lost. When Robinson Crusoe gets over the fact
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His efforts to try and stay sociable and sane include keeping a journal, making a cross where he counts the passing days, domesticating wild cats and goats for pets. This proves how strong of a person Crusoe is by not giving up and continuing to find ways to stay healthy all alone on the island. He also catches a parrot and teaches it to say “Poor old Robinson Crusoe, where have you been?” pg. 193. This reminds us that he is only human and does get down on himself being alone all the time. A way that he stays grounded and a little happier is he becomes deeply immersed with the bible reading it over and over. He becomes very religious and speaks to God anytime he feels he needs and help and when he feels he has been helped and needs to give God his gratitude. He has hallucinations about angels coming to him and talking to him. He feels his survival on the island is a rebirth into Christian spirituality and that he is a prototype of a biblical character called Job who was another survivor of a disaster at sea. He also like Crusoe learns from his ordeal to disdain material possessions. Crusoe’s return to his home in England he discovers the widow who is guarding his money is alive but not very well. Most of his family is dead, except his two sisters and brothers child. This hurts him a lot, but once again he must be strong and get himself through

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