Robinson, Marc Chagall And Emily Kame Kngwarreye

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“A painting is not always a thing that’s happening from a distance; it’s a thing that is happening above you and below you and inside you as well.” This statement clearly refers to the idea of utopia which is an imaginary perfect world where everyone is happy, that is an ideally perfect state especially in its social and political and moral aspects. ( This statement supports the visual analysis of the three artworks which show utopia, which include William Robinson, Marc Chagall and Emily Kame Kngwarreye. Willian Robinson is an artist who uses the theme of utopia as the basis of her works. His artwork “The ancient trees” is one such example, which was created because the Antarctic beeches reminded the artist of some beautiful things. Emily Kame Kngwarreye is another artist who use utopia as inspiration, her art work, “Earth’s creation”, was created to represent new life after rain. Marc Chagall’s artwork, “I and the village”, is about the artist’s dreamlike hometown from in his memory. These artworks blend a multiple of dimensions to create some beautiful things that is regarded as utopian art. The name of Willian Robinson’s artwork “The ancient trees” is a creation landscape. This artwork is oil paint on canvas and the size is 200×819.3cm. The artwork is presented as the landscape with a number of Antarctic Beeches, mountain and a beautiful sky from a different view.(

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