Robot Research Paper On Robotics

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Hunter Rockett Mr. Hopkins Robotics third period May 18, 2017 Robot research paper Robots are really cool but they can also be really devastating to the different types of work industries such as medical they could end up taking some doctors jobs from them in the future by being better than the doctor at his own job. How will robots affect the work industry will it be good or bad will it take jobs away or make new ones, will new technologies make finding jobs harder or easier and how will it be for the future? How will this affect people will they be mad because they will lose their job or will they like to have new job opportunities what is this going to do for the future? Robots what are they? Well they can be many things like a house keeper are a humanoid like thing that you see in movies but what we don’t think of are the medical robots. We have come from people in…show more content…
and it does not replace him but in time they are trying to make it to where robots can do it themselves and they do not need any human help to do it and that will probably take away jobs from them because it would completely replace most
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