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Hydrolic Robotic Arm

A hydraulic robotic arm, operating using water must be designed, built, and be tested in approximately two and a half weeks. The entire project consists of detailed design sketches with project notes, numbered parts made on a CAD program, bill of materials and a working prototype. 1.0 Introduction
In this project we were required to follow the design process to build a prototype of a robotic arm that works using water. Not only did we need to build a prototype, we needed to keep detailed notes and sketches about our progress through the two and half weeks we were given to complete the project, a CAD drawing of the numbered parts needed, and a list of all the materials used on the project. This project is
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The third design was very similar to the first design but this one was to have a small square of wood attached to the base so it could move more freely. The square was big enough for the two base arms to be about an inch away from each other. This however wouldn’t be good because the entire arm rested on this small square and would break easily and wouldn’t be easy to pivot because of all the weight. The rotation wood shape would need to be bigger. Also the base arm was straight and would restrain the second arm’s movement because it may catch the end of the arms.

4.0 Concept Selection The specifications for this project were to design a robotic arm operating using water and having two or more degrees of freedom. This arm needed to be able to pick up a role of electrical tape, extend at least six inches and release it in a designated area.
We needed to incorporate these specifications into our design so we first made our arm longer so it could easily extend over six inches. We acquired large syringes so the arm could be extended further. We also made a hole that extends through the middle of the second set arms to enable it to move more freely to pick up the tape.
5.0 Final Design We combined the three design ideas we selected and added more thought into all the places we were having trouble with. For the rotating shape on the platform, we decided a medium-large circle would be best due to the fact the weight

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