Robotic Arm : The Robot Arm Essay

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Robotic Arm Introduction: The Human body is designed with different organs and each has its own importance, so as an "ARM". Did you ever imagine how would it be, if we have a Robot with an ARM? , and what kind of tasks it can perform with that arm? Yes, as like a human arm, this robotic arm can also be used for multiple purposes. As an effort to make you understand the robots and its credibility in the days to come, we have created this Robox kit, through which we will explain you, how to create the robots that implements different mechanisms. Robotic Arm is one such a Creation from Robox Kit. Without any late, let’s get into the creation of a Robotic arm and try to understand the concepts involved in it. The aim of the mechanism: The aim of this mechanism is to pick and place the objects from one place to another using the motors, IR sensors, and switches. Required components for creating this robot are: Every Robot will work based on a particular Mechanism, and implemented using different components. in the same way, we use the listed components to create this robot.. Now, let me start building this robot with a motor block, every motor block will have 6 sides of it with the combination of blocks and Pins like this, now, I will pick another motor block and attach these two motors like this, We should connect this motor block in such a way that, the 2 switch pins should be on the same side, Now, let me

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