Argumentative Essay On Robotic Nurses

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According to television programs such as Grey’s Anatomy and ER, nurses are just minor people who complete low-skilled tasks, little does the world know that a nurse carries more of a responsibility than changing bedpans and bringing food which does not make things like robotic nurses necessary, at all (Hendren). Who would have ever thought that robots would be a controversial topic as to whether or not they should assist a surgeon in surgery or even be considered a nurse? Even though the thought of robotic nurses existing is being studied, it does not mean that it is an adequate invention or that it will even occur. Robotic nurses will not be accurate or efficient and will never have the skill and education that a human nurse portrays. These robots would assist a doctor in…show more content…
A robotic nurse’s lack of accuracy, due to not having proper education and motives that a human has, could cause major life threatening complications and challenges. There seems to be tons of knowledge out in the real world that proves that mistakes can easily be made, especially when it comes to assisting a doctor in surgery, for example. Having proper education and some sort of common sense is a necessity no matter what it may possibly be. Therefore, when it comes to relying on nursing, a robot might not be the best option. According to Nikki Cob and the San Bernardino County Sun, they feel as though technology can definitely be useful and beneficial, but having a decent amount of reliance on it can threaten lives (qtd. in the Truth About Nursing Inc.). “Other challenges include providing computers with the ability to understand the context in which gestures are made and to discern intended versus unintended ones” (HealthLeaders Media Staff). Robots can be efficient for many things, but when it comes to simple, yet life threatening tasks it may not be the wisest option.
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