Robotic Surgery

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Introduced in 1987, Robots were used in the first Laparoscopic surgery, a cholescystecotomy, to be exact. (Lee 45).Also known by names such as keyhole surgery, bandaid surgery, or minimally invasive surgery (MIS), Laparoscopic surgery is a surgical technique referring to operations within the abdomen or pelvic region. (Lee 45).More specifically speaking, it belongs to the field of endoscopy. (Lee 45).The first robots used in the surgery consisted of a Hopkins rod lens system, that was usually connected to a video camera (single chip or three chip), and a fiber optic cable system connected to a 'cold' light source (halogen or xenon) that was used to illuminate the area being operated on. (Vertut and Coiffet 97). Because incisions were made…show more content…
A rapidly growing field, Robotic surgery has the potential to revolutionize healthcare. This developing technology will most likely change the way we think about robotics as a whole. Employing robots to hold instruments while a surgeon operates on a console is the main concept behind the use of Robotics in the operating room. (Vertut and Coiffet 69) All things that a surgeon normally does directly on a patient will be done by Robotic arms that will hold miniature cameras and surgical tools. With such a system, operations will be more precise and done in smaller areas. In fact, a surgeon may never actually touch the patient. Not only will this be a more effective way of operating on a patient, but, with the use video-game-like controls to operate Robots, procedures traditionally viewed as being delicate will be completed in no time using Robotics. (Hohman 3) Though robotic surgery provides many advantages for certain conditions, it is not yet a main preference for all surgical treatments. The techniques used in robotic surgery to date are compatible with some heart surgeries, lung surgeries, and for a few other treatments, but are not compliant with all types of surgery. (Vertut and Coiffet 72) A useful helping hand when you need it, robotic tools at this point and time are only effective in areas where you have a sort of technical dissection with the nerves, or places requiring a lot of reconstruction and sewing. (Vertut and Coiffet 72) As

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