Robotic Surgery : The Medical Professional Community

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The controversy on the mind of the hero’s or celebrities of robotic surgery, are within the medical professional community. The surgeons, universities and hospitals are that are discussing as well as attempt to prove with no avail, that the addition of a robot to minimally-invasive surgeries (minimally-invasive surgery is surgical techniques limit the size of incisions needed and thus lessens wound healing time, associated pain and risk of infection), has improved their performance and results in the operating room. Though the medical community have become accustomed to this technology being included in the options a patient can select when a surgical procedure is necessary, most are not convinced the benefits of preforming the…show more content…
Limited training mostly provided by the manufacturers marketing representative that work within the hospital or university environment for most part allow with two assisted surgeries with a surgeon with experience using the robot is all that is required to use the robotic equipment unassisted. There are no government or peer regulatory standards set for the robotic surgeon training or proficiency testing today after more than twenty year of use of robotic surgical equipment. The addition CO2 is necessary to expand the cavity so there is room to see and work in most minimally-invasive surgery. Surgeon proficiency using the robots within the limited space inside patient requires the use of CO2 to inflate the cavity to allow the surgeon to have adequate room to see and work during most minimally-invasive surgeries and the temperature of the jaws of the vessel sealers with three energy level settings, are used to cauterize as well as cutting tool in the cavity fill with CO2 has caused sever burning in some case during robotic surgeries. Though use of CO2 for this purpose is not new but with the robot the surgeon must to retract one of the instruments in one of the
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