Robotics Impact On Healthcare

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ROBOTICS IMPACT ON HEALTHCARE Robotics can be virtual and/or mechanical objects that we use in everyday activities. Even though robots have been around since 1960’s. In the healthcare field we have become more dependent upon them since the 1980 's. Robots have been used to assist people in varies everyday task in laboratories and operating rooms. Some examples their usage are intervention with giving medication, assisting kids with autism, transferring and lifting patients. Although robots have made some of the healthcare fields task easier there can be questions with such technology which can impact ethical policy and non-human touch. In addition to providing hands-on patient care, robots can also help lift patients. Some Japanese inventors created the "Robot for Interactive Body Assistance". This robot is used to transport patients weighing up to 134 lbs. to bedsides and wheelchairs using built-in sensors and foam support technology (Dean, 2009). In America researchers have tested robot called a "Nursebot" on elderly patients, this was not very effective. The problems with the "Nursebot" was it’s ability to perform task such as giving patients bath or help change the patients. The "Nursebot" was however able to remind patients when to take medications or help them to move around as to not strain the elderly person.

In the 1990 's robots were designed and introduced to assist with child development it was called Roball. Roball was primarily
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