Robotics, Warfare, And Warfare

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Robotics and Warfare

Introduction When we talk about robotic and warfare, it’s like we are focusing on military robots. First of all there is need to understand what a robot is; it is a programmable machine that can sense and interact with its environment. Consequently, military robots are often viewed as remote controlled moveable gargets, which are designed specifically for military use. Many of the robotic controlled systems are currently in use while others are under way to be developed. The origin of military robots can be traced back to the Second World War and Cold War periods. Despite The fact that the use of robots in warfare is a traditional topic of science fiction, it is currently under research as it is considered to be a possible channel of fighting wars in future. There are believes among the soldiers that the future of present warfare would be handled by automated systems (Sharkey, 2012). Therefore, this paper will first try to find clarifications on what current roboticists visualize in the future warfare. This can be done better by identifying the stakeholders and their responsibilities towards the future of robotic warfare. Moreover, the paper will highlight the need of an autonomous system, determine the impacts of warfare robots and finally identify those responsible for future killings caused by robotic systems.
If we can assess the nature of military men today, it is clear that they have a lot of…

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