Robotics and Medicine

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ROBOTICS AND MEDICINE 21st century has seen medicine under go a 'Technological Revolution'. Robotics fulfills a variety of functions in the medical world, such as: maintaining up to date patient records diagnosing diseases. Automated Guided Vehicles transfer chemicals and samples from machine to another; move patients carefully etc. aiding therapy e.g. toy seal Paro is a therapeutic tool. design and create prosthetic or artificial limbs: an unrealized vision of scientists. perform surgery. Surgery is the latest use of technology. It includes: image guided therapy super vision Da Vinci Robot surgery system gives surgeons mechanical, computerized arms Future is long distance: doctors perform from hospitals on patients in war fields. Health Care Management and Technology Management and doctors have been hesitant to adopt technology initiatives. Biggest bother: increasing costs of using technology (Wyke, A 1997). Medical economists blame technology for 50% of the rise (Callahan, D 2009). 1993-1994 integration of technology was spurred due to Clinton's Health Reform Act (Wyke, A 1997). Managers are the upholders of ethics; in charge of patient security; guardians of patient privacy and health. They view IT as a tool that assists them in all this. they make hospital laws that ensure fulfillment of federal health laws. they, with risk analysts draw estimates of probability of errors and accidents in the facility. estimate costs of employing
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