Robotics in Healthcare Essay

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The utilization of robotics in the medical field is a cutting-edge technology which continues to develop rapidly. The main purpose for the integration of medical robotics in health-care is to sanction for a greater sense of accuracy in surgical procedures, which is something that has not been previously achieved by human capabilities alone. This sense of accuracy has incremented what makes medical robotics a unique and valuable integration to the field of medicine. The field of medical robotics offers great potential for maximizing the capabilities of medicos and surgeons when performing complex surgical procedures, or when there is a strong need for dexterity and precision in diagnosis and treatment. Although the interest is mainly on…show more content…
It is important to note that the utilization of medical robotics is by no means a kind of supersession for medical professionals, but rather should be examined as a tool to enhance their performance. The incremented precision which medical robotics provide gives way to a number of important benefits. This technology allows medical professionals to make more precise minuscule incisions which reduce the overall time required for the surgery. As a result of the ability to make these minuscule incisions, patients' path to recovery is quicker and the length of the hospital stay is reduced. This not only cuts down on medical expenses required for hospital care, but also greatly reduces patients' pain and discomfort .One example of how the intervention of a robot in surgery can play a critical role is in the field of neurosurgery. The fundamental requisite for neurosurgical procedures is to act on a surgical tool in the soft tissue by means of aligning, orienting, and advancing the tool to the desired target point in the brain. The advantages of robot-assisted neurosurgical procedures are well recognized in the clinical and technical community owing to both the targeting accuracy and the telesurgery potential of the robotic systems. Without this technology's accuracy, the quality of this type of surgery would not be the same. Attention to detail is critical in this type of surgery because it deals with the human brain. In the paper, “A
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