Robots Against Firefighters

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Is making fire resistant robots a good idea to help save lives of our firefighters? A US company has created a tank like robot that can save millions of firefighters’ lives. It has the ability to release thousands of gallons of water at a very long distance. It can take from anywhere from seven to twelve men to put that fire out. Not risking their lives, this tank can take out a fire by itself without the help of some men. “This tank was created from airplane like material. Which, allows it to withstand a great amount of high temperature”.( Siciliano, Leon). "The Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting robot it’s also abbreviated as ( SAFFiR). ”The project was started by The Office Naval Research.”( Jerrard, Jane). This robot was created in Virginia tech. It's known to have thermal imaging being able to detect overheated material. It's equipped with a hose that allows it to project a great amount of water. The SAFFiR is projecting and handling of the extinguishing an agent. Called “PEAT” grenade. "The PEAT grenade disburses a foam or water like substance. ”( Jerrard, Jane).The SAFFiR walks on two legs and is known as the “Humanoid Robot .” It is “also programmed like a google self driving car which the program that is used…show more content…
The military is trying to create many versions of the SAFFiR robot. That robot runs off “long lasting batteries . Robots that are also intelligent try to help the environment. To make the goal to clean up the environment.”(Byrne, Ciara). These robots is going to be programmed to notice and fix technical issues as well. They also have a goal to use this robot in different environmental terrains. SAFFiR is able to go into small spaces, move large objects out of the way. It’s not too large to fit in those tight spaces. SAFFiR is also programmed to work aside firefighters. They are able to follow commands from the firefighter that is in charge at the time of the
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