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Critical Analysis of The Robot Invasion Patrick F. Nagle Delaware Technical Community College Critical Analysis of The Robot Invasion In the article The Robot Invasion by Charles Gillis, it talks about in the not too distant future how robotics will be a part of everyday society, how it will be used in manufacturing and labor industry instead of people for jobs that are dirty, dangerous, and difficult. The author argues that the world will be swarming with the robotics in the future which will change the job industry and even how basic chores are done around the house. The world is changing as the technology of robots are slowly taking over jobs, is not a too farfetched argument. “For many years the work of engineers and sci-fi…show more content…
This automated warehouse system is said to triple distribution productivity by using robots to whip merchandise from storage areas to the shipping bays. These robots have already taken the place of lots of warehouse workers, but at the same time have opened the door for newer jobs that require workers to program and interface with the robots to get the job done correctly. These robots really show how robots will be moving into the workplaces to change how people will do jobs. As this is happening now in the industry, it will be more commonly seen as the technology advances and cost of the robots is more manageable for the efficiency that it provides. This article has been providing many different types of support in the fact that robots are advancing in many ways and eventually going to be part of everyday life. For most people that would read this article it would be very hard to really get that it is not something that is here to frighten us but to inform us. All this support from different scientists, engineers, and futurists is very informative in the tone to portray what will becoming of robots in the future of the world. This type of informative tone is hard to read into as there is so much to cause fright in one reader. As one comes across this article talking about robots being developed for swarming like actions to get
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