Robots Are Evolving Into Humans

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Abhishek Prajapati Basic Composition Essay 1 Final Draft Professor Robert Abboud 6/29/2015 Robots Are Evolving into Humans Artificial intelligent, a phenomenal human creation, which will soon replace humans in near future. Day by day, robots are getting smarter and better at learning human interactions, emotions, and feelings. Robots are going to take over the world by invading every aspect of people’s lives. A collection of robot softwares and applications will help increase productivity and improve the quality of people’s lives through human-robot collaboration. As Sherry Turkle illustrates in her article “Alone Together”, that robots are becoming more and more humanistic. They are being a better companion than the real humans. They are always there for people, when then need them. They do not cheat or get angry at people, unlike humans who are constantly looking for a reason to start a fight. Robots are not just better at being a good companion than the humans, but also better at getting labor done. As Zaynep Tufekci asserts in his article “The Machines Are Coming”, that robots are faster, cheaper, and more efficient than getting the work done. The robots do not make any excuses. Nor it requires any payment from the employer to get the work done. They simply follow the order and get the work done without giving any problems to the employers. Robotic technology is advancing at such a rapid pace that highly capable humanoids robots with ability to recognize
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