Robots Are Notorious Known As An Operation Of The Middle Of A Surgery

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Doctors are notorious known as a dexterous, meaning they demonstrate neat skill especially with the hands. This is why people trust and prefer doctors to be there surgeons. Many problems and situations lead to this preference. Consequently, arguing if the hospitals should acquire any type of robots to improve the procedures and outcome of an operation. Looking into the assets along with liabilities of having robots in hospitals have equal arguments. When a robot comes in contact with a human it causes many people to have a copious amount of uncertainty due to the misconception of a robot failing in the middle of a surgery, that leads to a fatal disaster. Which isn’t remotely crazy because the facts stated by the JHO company say that 71 people have passed away during a robotic procedure. If someone asked me what my position is, whether I’ll like for hospitals to have procedures done with robots, or I’ll remotely disagree with robots performing procedure? I would say that robotic procedures do help a copious amount of patients and surgeons, therefore, I would like for hospitals to have robots that can help as many people. The facts clearly agree that robots do help in a certain way, for instance, the patient and surgeon benefit from this type of machine. An example is a surgical knife, this tool is utilize for cutting and vaporizing tissue and analyses the smoke that it comes out so the surgeon can know if he is cutting into cancerous cells, or healthy margins. When doctors

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