Robots Change the World

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“This work represents my individual work, and I have listed the sources that I have consulted below. I have not received assistance that would violate the letter or spirit of the collaboration guidelines for this assignment.” Sources [1] C. Jones, Interviewee, How Robots are Changing the Consumer Space and People's Lives. [Interview]. 03 April 2014. [2] M. Svenstrup, "Navigation Among Humans," Advances in Robot Navigation, pp. 133-158, June 2011. [3], "Robot Perception for Workspace Situational Awareness," 1 October 2012. [Online]. Available: [Accessed 9 April 2014]. [4] E. Guizzo, "DARPA Seeking to Revolutionize Robotic Manipulation," 18 October 2010. [Online]. Available: [Accessed 9 April 2014]. Robots Change the World Introduction Whether traversing a battlefield or a messy home, it is all the same to a robot’s artificial intelligence (AI). Navigating around the home owner’s treasured belongings might involve similar functions to avoiding dangers in a hostile environment. Perceiving the faces of the family members and their family pets would be oddly identical to facial recognition of enemy fighters and identification of their body language. Helping the elder of the house out of and into bed may mirror robotic manipulation identical to carrying wounded from a war zone. When visiting Texas A&M on April

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