Robots, For Our Generation They Are New Invention Of 21St

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Robots, for our generation they are new invention of 21st century, but truth is that even in ancient time’s great minds as Leonardo Da Vinci who was thinking to make a robots, which can make our life easier. As proof of people researchers discovered many interesting blueprints of robots, considering that it was 5 centuries ago this is astonishing. This essay will not be about robots that people use in military field or robots that we use in daily life this essay will reveal the field were robots play very big and important role, which is medicine. Nowadays medicine cannot exist without robots thanks to them we can treat many diseases that we thought untreatable or detect and find the ways to fight with new viruses. One man said that…show more content…
The first transatlantic operation was made by surgeons in New York on patient in France. Recent telesurgey robots called remote-controlled da Vinci Robot. Surgeons who operated people using this robots claims that “Basically, it’s the same as if I were next to the patient, just using telecommunication and robotics. It doesn’t feel different.”, “It’s the same as if I were sitting in the operating room,” he says. “I have both my hands on the robot the same way I would have instruments in both hands.” Even surgeon can speak with the nurses with speakers and give them instruction and surgeon can see everything moving robotic camera which makes function of his eyes. Although that telesurgery can change the world there still many issues that must be solved or it can lead to disaster. Poor and internet connection and big distance between surgeon and patient are the most important problems. For example when surgeon Merhan Avari made his 1st telesurgical operation there was a delay of about 175 milliseconds which is imperceptible, but if something interrupts the process we don’t expect robot finish operation in autopilot mode. Another issue robots might not have programmed if something goes not as planned they might do not have function to act if blood circulation collapses, breathing stops, or there is an unforeseen reaction to drugs or chemicals, these are cases that you
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