Robots : The Negative Impact Of Robotic Nurses In Patients

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If you were in a hospital bed and needed assistance, you would be able to push a button for the nurse to come in and assist your needs. But, instead of having a human nurse walk into the room, you would see a robotic nurse roll around the corner and bring you the items you requested. With technology advancing, eventually robots rolling around hospitals will become a reality. A company named Aethon is currently in the process of creating robotic nurses called TUGs which, according to Aethon, “TUG[s] works around the clock. It is a substitute for the labor needed to haul and transport goods, materials and clinical supplies in the hospital.” These robots will eventually be able to complete more tasks that can allow human nurses more free time to focus on patients who need more attention and can assist them in ways robots cannot. Although many people believe robotic nurses have a negative impact on hospitals, technological advancements allow robots to be used in a beneficial way throughout hospitals, completing small tasks a human would normally do.
As robotic nurses become more popular in hospitals, they have begun to assist nurses in beneficial ways by completing basic tasks while the human nurses focus on patients with certain needs a robot cannot fulfill. Human nurses have daily tasks of doing things such as, “Administering [manage] medications or treatments, recording patient medical histories and symptoms, observing patients and assisting in examinations, operating
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