Robots Vs Robots

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In modern world we observe robots and machines are used widely and are replacing they are replacing some of the human jobs in the production and manufacturing industry. Many of us have a doubt that will robots takeaway all the human jobs or it has an end if yes, when? Has technology is witnessing more growth some robots became more intelligent than average human being and are performing with greater efficient and effectively and it bring the worry that robots might take most on the jobs and humans will die without employment. Computer and robots can bring more profit to those organizations who cannot afford human work force. Has robots are cost effective when compare to human precisely managers and owners will likely to move for automation.
Till now we observed the robots which can help in manufacturing of car and other automobiles but they are advanced now and are driving cars sometimes safer then human, more over every automobile these days are automatic. In recent times Toyota made an initiative to reduce automation and to hire more human to benefit human race and if human is trained in right way they can bring more accurate result than a robot of course they can take some immediate action regarding work which robots a cannot perform.
Robots also entered to banking sector today there is low employment in the banking industry has there are many self-serving machines like ATM which helps customer to perform their own task or operation themselves and here less
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