Robots and Relationships with Humans

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Peaceful day of fall at Osaka University, Osaka, Japan. A group of students enter the classroom to find their professor sitting at the desk. They take their places and wait for the lecture to start, but the professor does not move, his posture is stiff and his eyes are empty and glassy. One of the students asks worriedly, “Sensei, are you all right?” The next moment, their professor triumphantly walks into the classroom, gives a hug to a robot sitting at his desk, laughs and receives applause from the fascinated students. Professor Ishiguro is one of the many people who are currently working in the field of robotics and is conducting a research in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). On one hand its a delicate and very precise work that entails lots of calculations and routine programming work, but on the other hand, a process of art. All modern robots provoke curiosity and fascination, along with the respect and praise for the creating scientist. The simple fact of human ability to create something so complex and capable is flattering. However, it is arguable that in the case of robots humankind is trying to jump over their heads in attempt to give something artificial humane characteristics – a endeavor of exceptional confidence and pride, work of a true Modern Prometheus. Clearly, there is some very espite their capabilities; physically robots consist of metal, plastic and electricity wires, a very expansive metal and wires, to be precise. An understanding that
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