Robots are one of the artificial intelligence that made a breakthrough across all fields of life.

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Robots are one of the artificial intelligence that made a breakthrough across all fields of life. In consequence, many research studies and projects regarding robots took place in the last decade. In addition, robots in the society could be one of the essential machines, due to their multitask system which could adjusted to any kind of performance. In general society could use these machines to fill manpower gap in short time with less cost. Therefore, robots can have huge positive effects on different fields of life such as emergency situations, daily chores, and manufacturing industry. In case of emergencies, robots could reduce the percentage of fatal damages that occurs through these cases. In fact, humans’ lives are much…show more content…
Robots affect our life in a significant way as they can assist humans in a various fields of life. One of these fields is the daily chores that humans have to do. Robots can help people with their daily chores which will make humans focus more on their important jobs as they will get to work and concentrate on their tasks without worrying about the chores at home. Moreover, one special feature robots have is that they do not get exhausted or tired. They can work all day long and do not fall asleep or lose their concentration while working, unlike humans. Thus, that feature can save huge amount of effort and time as humans can relax. In addition, robots can be companions to elderly people. Richardson (2007) stated in his article that robots can act as a friend to the old people and they can help them not to feel lonely or isolated. Industrial production could be done by robots efficiently to improve the quality and the quantity of the outcome. First, in construction sites quality and quantity of materials are one of the important aspects that supposed to be tested before starting any procedures. Consequently, robots could test the water proof material in the roof of the constructed buildings by more convenient way, instead of wasting time and money robots could be used to diagnose any hole with laser beams and fix it immediately. In addition, moving objects in construction sites requires more effort that humans cannot bear
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