Rock And Roll Has Made A Big Impact On The World

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Rock and Roll has made a big impact on the world, especially during the beginning of this era. This type of genre is one of the most influential music’s. This music is the genre that brought people together, but also made people think. Rock and Roll brought out a type of persona and a feel, in which people received when this genre was the new “big” thing. There were a few bands, such as the Beatles and The Rolling Stones that brought the true feel and meaning of Rock and Roll. The Beatles were one of the most influential bands that brought the great unanimous sound and look of this turning stone era – Rock and Roll.
The beginning of the genre of Rock and Roll – it is not what is, in today’s culture. The start of this new and different phenomenon was in the mid-1950s (Willoughby 123). The music of Rock and Roll was meant for people who wanted their voices to be heard and who wanted to stand up for what they believed in – who thought was right and what was wrong. Rock and Roll was all about the attitude that someone had. The attitude that the Beatles had, was the attitude that people wanted to have. Also, this type of music was meant for protests to anything; in any way, also, it was a type of anarchy. Many people thought that this genre was meant for “bad” people. In reality, Rock and Roll was there for many people. It was there when they did not have a friend which, also was an escape from the world. Rock and Roll was meant for fun and to have people feel different emotions…
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