Rock And Roll History

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The begins of rock and roll have always been challenged as to when they were first established. The most common argument is that is first started in Southern United states, the birth place of many of the first early rock and roll music hits. As the south always had a huge majority of slaves from Africa and immigrants from Europe, through the gathering of different influences that created a connection between African musical traditions with European instrumentation. Immigration of once slaves to populated urban centers including New York City and Chicago meant that both the black and white communities were living in close proximity, resulting in hearing each other's music and even ‘began to follow and impersonate each other's fashions’.
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During the 1930s, jazz, and especially swing, were the very first music to bring about African American beats, prepared to a white audience. In a unique circumstance, a jazz recording which also held some recognizable rock and roll elements , named ‘Roll 'Em Pete’ , written by Big Joe Turner alongside pianist Pete Johnson, is noted to be a crucial forbearer for rock and roll music and was due to the incorporation of jazz . During the start of the 1950s, the was an expanded use of instrumental music’s such as yelled lyrics 'Boogie Woogie', booming horns and rhythmus in jazz-based music. During and directly after World War II, with massive shortages involving food, fuel and available personal, huge Jazz bands were not deemed appropriate and were mostly taken over by smaller bands using instruments like the drums, guitars and…show more content…
There were no pre-rock & roll equals to Sam Phillips, who parlayed a tiny Memphis label with a staff of one into a group whose musicians sold millions of records everywhere in the world. In record-business terms, rock & roll indicated that modest, formerly specialized labels like Sun and Specialty were overrunning the higher influences of the pop charts, along with the privileged domain of the important industrial record labels and old-line Tin Pan Alley music publishing
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