Rock And Roll Impact On Society

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Rock and Roll has has had an impact on several decades of generations of people. It has also sustained itself throughout this period without dropping in popularity. Rock and roll has had a huge impact on the society we live in today because it affects other music genres such as hip hop and neo-soul. It has not only affected other genres but also opened up a way for originality, self-expression, and free thought. It also influenced artists to give political opinions through their songs which also influences the government and how it governs specific laws including many that were apart of the civil rights act. It has been given credit for integrating teens and adults through 1950’s-1970’s. It has also helped with equality with races being able to perform and be successful without being treated unfairly about their quality of music because of their race.
Rock has had different effects on different countries. Europe was the most influenced by rock because of its many rising bands from Liverpool and London. This was because they had many musically talented people coming from the area. There are many unique types of rock including heavy metal to classic rock, punk, alternative, and grunge. Each of the genres have enabled different artists from each genre to rise and record companies to accompany them and boost their popularity among fans. Many of the artists that were apart of each genre are currently respected for their creative, energetic music. Many people today still believe…
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