Rock Band Characteristics

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When I was 15, my parents bought me a record player for Christmas to utilize for some vinyl I had purchased at local record shows or shops.When they bought me the player, my taste in music had shifted more towards rock than anything else, so I was really excited to listen to some records on it. I remember the first time I dropped the needle on the record and music started playing, and I instantly fell in love. I didn’t think there would be a huge difference between the sound of vinyl and anything else, but it was like speaking to someone in real life instead of over FaceTime. Now that I was listening to vinyl more, I needed good bands to listen to, and I noticed certain things about some bands in particular while listening. Good rock bands all share some common characteristics. First, rock bands require a high level of skill to be considered great. Led Zeppelin, for instance, had four all-star musicians who shared amazing chemistry to produce very complex music. Many others would claim that each one of the members is one of the best at what they do which makes them one of the best bands ever. Next, The Who were also very skilled with one of the best rhythm sections (bass guitar and drums) in a rock band ever. This drove their music forward from the back, meaning insane guitar parts or masterful vocal work weren’t common practice for the already spectacular band. Lastly, The Eagles displayed their talents through singing, which every member of the group could contribute while
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