Rock Bottom Is The Solid Foundation

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Rock bottom is the solid foundation that helps a person rebuilds his or her life. Alcoholic Anonymous is a new beginning to people who have struggled with an addiction. An addiction is lost of control in the power of intake. A person does not choose to be an addict. Life events have a way of throwing situations at a person that he or she can not cope with. However, some people just get caught up and lose self control. Whatever causes a person to be addicted, he or she has to regain self control. Some people have lost family and friends along the way due to addiction. People have lost good jobs and have been written off by society. However, it just takes one helping hand and a willing soul to help an addict recover. Alcoholic Anonymous is the start that some people take. Addiction is like a rear view mirror destruction is closer than it appear. “I didn’t choose this path. I woke up one day and my life was spiraling out of control.” “It all started when I lost my best friend, my wife”, said one of the new AA members. He woke up one morning in the hospital bed lost and confused. He began to snatch the monitors off and proceeded to snatch the IV out, but the nurse ran in. The nurse began to calm the frantic man down and explained to him that he was in a terrible wreck that claimed the life of two. He began to cry uncontrollable cause he knew it was his fault. “And I jumped up out my sleep from a drunk slumber pouring in sweat”, he shared. “I knew then,” he continued with tears
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