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Rock was born in the 1950’s, it was a mix of gospel country and blues. The electric guitar was the main instrument back in the 50’s. Bill haley was the first rock artist to hit the pop charts, he got number 12 with a song “crazy man crazy”. Many independent record labels picked up this new style and release records.The first song to hit number one on the charts was Rock around the clock by Bill Haley. Many parents saw rock as a bad influence and thought it would make young teens disobedient and rebellious. The audience of rock at the time was very hidden they would listen to this new music against the will of authority figures. But to those teens they felt it was there culture something they could rally behind and call theirs. During this time…show more content…
On 1982 prince of darkness and lead singer for black sabbath bit a bats head off during a concert sparking much controversy. He says it wasn't intentional, he said he thought it was fake until its wings started flapping. Prior to that he bit the head off a white dove, they were originally going to be released but he got drunk and angry with a PR person. In montreal riots were caused from a concert. James hetfield the lead vocalist for a band called Metallica was burned severely and sent to the hospital. It took the band guns and roses over 2 hours to get on stage to play their set, they only ended up playing fifteen minutes then Axl rose said this will be our last show for a long time then they walked off stage. Of the 53,000 in attendance about 2,000 resorted to rioting and violence. This set the rebellious tone and hardcore attitude of the genre for decades to come Metal is generally associated with black clothing and chains. The older metalheads have beards or shaved heads. A lot of them have a laid back enjoy the moment attitude. But they will rally behind something when they want or when needed. Artists carry this label because of many…show more content…
GnR is a good example of metal, they have a do whatever you want attitude and aren't afraid to show it. They have been kicked out of venus's and started riots. But their music is amazing with slashes amazing solos and axl's unique voice. Avenged sevenfold is a metal band started in 1999. They did screaming raw lyrics from their ep in 2001 to their waking the fallen album in 2003. There lyrics got cleaner and easier to understand. They were influenced the big bands like Pantera Metallica GNR and what not. They influenced all kinds of different bands and songs. There have been many bands that have contributed like Metallica, Pantera, Motorhead.They modernized it and mainstreamed. They popularized it to the general audience. They played over the radio years ago and they still do. They filled up venues and concert halls. Black sabbath guitarist got the tips of his fingers cut off in a steel press, they thought he couldn't play guitar but he adapted and played on a lower tone. This gave it a heavier more metallic sound which stuck with the group. Avenged sevenfold's song danger line is about war, particularly a soldier who gets
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