Rock N Roll At The Appearance Of Elvis

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Bono of U2 called rock n roll at the appearance of Elvis a, "clashing of cultures," a hybrid of different energies, emotions, and styles. Like America itself, a collaboration of ideas subjected to individual talents, shared commonalities, and in the worst cases our humanistic atrocities in the treatment of each other. Somehow it was all of these elements in combination and at the opportune that created not just a new genre of music but a historical backdrop for both political and social change in America and the world. A removal of any one element from rock n roll 's historical past whether its diversity, economic, or civil structures could call into question its existence or the magnitude of its phenomenal global effects. However, there can be no denying the contributions that African Americans have made to rock n roll 's invention. Whether it is in the variety of genres in rock 's origins, its present at inception contributors of the early 1950s, or with its influences on rock 's British Invasion of the 1960s; rock n roll can most certainly be beholden to African American culture.
Origins and Make-up of Rock n Roll
Commonly agreed upon, rock music in its infancy was a mixture of blues, country, jazz, and hillbilly genres. With that being said the best place to begin would be before the first wave of the Great Migration of African Americans heading north in the 1920s. At a time of prohibition, industrialization, and opportunity before the depression, we would find Otto
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