Rock-N-Roll Part 1

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The Negotiators
Elizabeth Dela Cruz, Glenn Gonzaga, David Heinauer, Luther Lombos, Michael Rin
March 21, 2013
Richard Arriaga

The Negotiators The Negotiators are a rock and roll band whose contract is up for renewal with their current publisher, R-n-R Label. University of Phoenix MGT557 class Team B role-played the characters Jimmy, Tinny, and Janice of The Negotiators, and an agent from the firm Agent-town to understand the complexities of how agents, constituencies, and audiences communicate during negotiations. The authors describe their experiences with how The Negotiators agreed on increase percentages, how the band members managed their agent, how Agent-town managed the constituencies and audiences, and how all
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The band members recognized that Agent-town agency possesses the negotiation skills and connections with R-n-R Label’s executives needed to successfully obtain the salary increase. Lewicki et al. (2010) suggested that “clarifying role expectations, agent authority in making agreements, and the constituents’ visibility during negotiations” are key aspects of how an agent can manage constituents and audiences (p. 338). During the talks with Agent-town representative, Jimmy assumed the role of the primary spokesperson, with Tinny and Janice as audience members. Jimmy and the Agent-town representative agreed that this transaction will be an outcome contract, meaning that the agent’s fee will be paid based on the achievement of the band members’ desired salary increase (Lewicki et al., 2010). Jimmy stated that the band members would only agree with a minimum 15% salary increase for all of them, with a two-year deal that includes a European tour. Jimmy, with the concurrence of the other band members in the audience, granted Agent-town the full authority to sign an agreement once the set conditions are met. The other arrangement that was discussed was whether the band members would be present during Agent-town’s negotiation with R-n-R Label’s executive. The Agent-town representative stated that he had a good business relationship with R-n-R Label and that the company’s primary negotiator had made it known in the past that he preferred dealing with one primary
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