Rock Near Morehead Kentucky Is A Stunning View Of The Daniel Boone National Forest !

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Lockegee Rock near Morehead Kentucky holds a stunning view of the Daniel Boone National Forest! ¥ An absolute fantastic view. Captured from the top of the Daniel Boone National Forest, located in northeastern Kentucky near the city of Morehead, this featured image originates in one of the most beautiful and well kept secrets on earth. Although this location is breathtaking, efforts to capture images from the summit will certainly involve a bit hiking and climbing, but it’s definitely worth the journey. Whether it’s photography or purely for the love of a great hike, I can’t see anyone regretting making this trip. Regardless of the agenda, a striking and tranquil retreat awaits the willing adventurer. ¥ An unforgettable experience. This…show more content…
Conditions on the trail are certainly favorable to anyone sporting quality shoes; however, I do recommend a decent pair of hiking shoes. Although a short walk from the parking area, approximately half a mile, along with a small rock bed crossing, there are no steams or arduous leaps to take in your trek to the base of Lockegee Rock. Once at the base, one can expect a short vertical ascent to the summit. Climbing gear, certainly a helmet, may prove beneficial, however, plenty of rocky edges and tree roots make the climb fairly effortless for anyone in average to good health. While the trip to the base is not difficult, attempting an ascent to the summit for anyone with limited mobility and strength may not be wise, certainly not without special training and equipment. In any case, the prepared photographer leaves nothing to chance. Remember, if hiking to the top of the rock to capture the vista of the year, don’t forget that you will be lugging your camera gear as well. ¥ Off the beaten path and always open. Well, always open translates to always available to photographs any time of year. Higher altitudes have their perks as well, making the expedition to Lockegee Rock accessible regardless of what the weather may bring; however, a heavy snow may inhibit your travels and prevent a safe transit to the top of the ridge. Bottom line, if you’re up to the challenge, the rock is open for business no matter what time of year. ¥ Year-round beauty. If you’ve read this far, you
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