Rock, Roll And Rock & Roll: Rock And Roll

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Rock and roll is a music genre that emerged in the United States in the early fifties. And is formed from the Blues. The name is created by an American dj named Alan Freed when he wanted to announced a song: ‘My Baby Rocks Me with one Steady Roll’ , and called this new music genre Rock and Roll. Some aspects of the Rock and Roll are the chord diagrams of eight notes, the afterbeat and the instruments that are used. This instruments are the elec-tric guitar, the piano, the contra bass and the drums. The Rock and Roll period ended in America in 1969.

Elvis Presley:
Elvis Aaron Presley was an American singer and actor, and was born on January 8, 1935. In 1945 performed Elvis Presley for the first time and sang the song ‘Old Shep’. He was discov-ered by Sam Phillips in 1954, which is the owner of the Legendary Sun Records label in Memphis. Sam was actually searching for a really long time for a white singer who just could bring the blues sound as good as a ‘black’ singer. Elvis was the man who he was searching for the whole time. Elvis became a real popstar, and they called him the king of the rock and roll. The weird thing is that Elvis has never won an award for his Rock and Roll music, only 3 Grammy’s for his album with gospel music while he is actually the
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It is a film adaptation of the eponymous book and musical. The story is about a nun named Maria. She is sent to the villa of an officer to be governess to his seven children. Maria teaches the chil-dren to sing and have fun in life. Maria teaches the children to sing and have fun in life. She teaches the children this because the father of the children educates them with military disciplines. After she married the officer they should flee from their homeland. The sound of Music has won a few awards including an Oscar for best film. In 2001, the film was record-ed in the National film Registry by Library of
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