Rock Star, Meet Teetotaler Essay

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Joe Bae Cailin Iverson ENGL 102 – Tuesdays & Thursdays Essay 4 Tuesday, April 23, 2013 Drinking to be Entertained or Drinking to be Entertaining? In Sacha Z. Scoblic’s essay, Rock Star, Meet Teetotaler, she recounts her societal struggles after coming out from troubles involving alcoholism. At the age of thirty-two, she had been a Teetotaler for six months and was meeting people at a restaurant in hopes of finding friends to be acquainted with her new found sobriety. However, when she declines an offer of wine, she displays conflict between her drinking and non-drinking self because she once conceived that entertainment could only be met through the consumption of alcohol. She portrays a desire for social acceptance, yearning to…show more content…
However, she continues to hint her informality throughout her essay. Her resulting style gives the sense that she is intellectually competent, yet capable of something as easygoing as conversations with slang and improper grammar because she portrays and cool and vivacious atmosphere. Readers may be able to sympathize with Scoblic’s experiences a lot more knowing that she a woman of sober mentality. A story of personal experience, she shares her realization of needing to be accustomed to her sober self in order to find her true personality. She does this in a way that shows she is firm in her beliefs and feels she is headed in the right direction for social happiness. Her assertion and confidence is noticeable in her essay, which gives the appearance that she does not waver in her ideas. “So I bid a silent goodbye to the internal rock-star speech, promised to stop defining myself by who I used to be, and scooted my chair closer to the table. Adieu, Sid Vicious! It was time to make new friends.” (842). With this final sentence from her essay, she finds reconciliation with her desire for social acceptance without alcohol, and she is shown to be certain and convinced that she is on her way of finding her true identity. Showing boldness and determination on her road of teetotalism, this will also give readers assurance that Scoblic’s

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