Rock 'n' Roll and Cultural Revolution

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Rock 'n' Roll and Revolution As a distinctly American form of cultural expression, Rock 'n Roll may be our nation's greatest global export. Its influence on popular, social and artistic mores on a global basis is incomparable. Indeed, one could make the argument that most modern forms of popular music derive from the basic components, if not the underlying attitude, or Rock ' Roll. However, this observation should not be at the expense of considering the yet more powerful influence that this musical form has had on our society as a whole. This is the premise driving Glenn C. Altschuler's 2003 text All Shook Up: How Rock 'N' Roll Changes America. According to the Altschuler text, Elvis Presley and his contemporaries would not just alter the musical landscape but would create a stark generation gap, a deconstruction of racial barriers and dismantling of sexual taboos. In this regard, the text argues, Rock 'n Roll would do nothing less than alter the course of American life. Dividing the text into separate sections identifying the relationship between the burgeoning phenomenon of RNR and the patterns of social rebellion that were undermining the conservative establishment, Altschuler shows how this mode of musical expression really did extend from a growing sense of disaffection, discontent and disenfranchisement. In fact, Altschuler does a tremendous job of showing the sharp divide between the conservative guard and the youth culture gravitating to the new form of music by
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