Rockefeller Vs Astor

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As many things in life, ethics has evolved through the history of our society. As anyone who has ever has read the news can attest, there are certain behaviors and tradition typical in societies around the world that may seem unethical and, sometimes, inhuman when seen through our ethical point of view. However, we often forget that many of those behaviors and tradition were, not only accepted, but expected in our society at one time. As our society changes over time, our moral code and compass shifts changing our outlook and tolerance for certain behaviors. And, as in other aspects of our society, the way we conduct business is no different.
Although the field of business ethics was not officially recognized until the 1970s, there have
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Rockefeller and John J. Astor. In the years following the United States war for independence, John J. Astor migrated from Germany in 1784 at the age of 21. Like many immigrants, Astor came searching for new opportunities and found his opportunity in the lucrative fur trade. The high demand for furs in Europe and throughout the world and the abundance of animals in the new territories gave ample opportunity to anyone with drive to exploit the opportunities available. Astor sized this opportunity by learning the business and establishing a large network of agents and depots through the northwest territories to purchase furs from the native people living in those areas. His business practices were criticized by government officials who attempted to monopolize the the fur trade to foment their own agenda. In an attempt to influence the people native to the territories the government set up trading post and factories to trade for furs in exchange with what the government official deem necessary to civilize the native population and not what the customers wanted. Astor took advantage of this by providing items that satisfied the needs and wants of the traders. In time he was able to built a large network and acquire the furs at a very low
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