Rocket Crew Analysis

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He only likes to use prime numbers for his book. #2 He can’t trust his dad because he killed Wellington. #120 He likes to do Riddles and Problems in his head because it calms him down. #146 This is his full name. #2 I choose a rocket ship because he wants to be an astronaut. He doesn't understand people's emotions and facial expressions. #3 I choose red cars because it determines his day if it is going to be good and yellow if it going to be a black day. #24 He doesn't like the color brown and yellow #83 This book is because he is a writer. #4 He uses his fingers to hug. #16 He doesn't like to be touched #16 He is really smart with math and science. #43 He is a detective for his book. #28 He always tells the truth. #19
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