Rockford High School Bog Walk Essay

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Every year, the honors biology students who attend Rockford High School travel on a school bus to a secret location. Some years, the windows on the bus have been blocked with black construction paper so the eager kids dressed in their old sweat pants and shirts will not be able to memorize the path taken by the driver. After journeying on endless dirt roads, the school buses emerge to see a farmhouse with nothing except for a vast wilderness behind it- and of course, the students are not there for the farmhouse. One group on the annual bog walk last May were my closest friends and I. Walking through the woods was nothing new to us, but treading through a viscous bog filled with logs and animals that could be lurking right in front of our next step, was a completely different story. One moment, I was stepping on the comfort of dry land, and the next, I was wading waist deep in the unknown cold, black water. Towards the end of the trip, my class and I approached a field surrounding a puddle of murky water. “Jump in,” my teacher told us. Immediately, a group of students took the plunge and were submerged into the swamp. I kept asking myself, “how deep is it? Would I touch the bottom?”. I had to push all of those thoughts out of my head. I took the hands of my friends, and together, we leaped into uncharted territory.…show more content…
As a junior in High School, working in a pharmacy would be a new experience for me, but I have never let the fear of the unknown prevent me from pursuing what I am passionate about. I would love to become a pharmacist one day because I want a career that will enable me to help others. Having the knowledge that I will be making the necessary medications to help people feel better will give me a tremendous amount of satisfaction in my
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