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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Justin Bell, assistant operations manager at Rockwater Insurance (RI), faces a difficult situation and must act quickly in order to prove his competence as a leader to his colleagues. Ideally, his decision must maintain the firm’s no-layoff history, encourage the tight-knit company atmosphere, and draw as little negative attention as possible. As a new employee in his grandfather's business, he must prove himself worthy of the position he was recently controversially given. His first challenge is dealing with the declining performance of veteran employee, Russell Campbell, a strong-minded subordinate with a significant amount of influence within the firm. To make his dealings even more complicated, Russell is a…show more content…
To make matters worse, Justin’s superior, Deborah McMillan, will not engage in or help deal with any workplace drama, most likely a result of her excessive workload. It is clear that she cannot continue on with her current level of responsibilities. Therefore an assistant sales associate manager position is needed and would be beneficial not only for her productivity, but for the firm as a whole. The promotion given to Russell, one that he arguably should have received long before, combined with the treatment he will receive, will raise his morale and likely return him to his past working condition. His performance issues are not solely due to his personal issues, but also to his unfamiliarity with the claims systems as he is not very tech-savvy being a baby boomer. This is a situation he will not face in his new role. Instead he will be able to continue to pass on his years of award winning insurance knowledge onto claims associates, but now from a more appropriate position. Justin will also be given the opportunity to make a name for himself in a company where expectations surrounding him are high. He is motivated and determined to do so and this new blank slate of a position is the perfect opportunity. This decision will also maintain the no layoff history and improve the reputation of the company as being a tight-knit family. As a result, the best conclusion would be the one stated above. A conclusion where all parties benefit, and the

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